Friday, March 24, 2006

Teen Values

I was reading the sunday times over the weekend about Secret Lives of S'pore teens and it saddened me very much to know that many teenagers are now into sex even before the age of 16? What's happening to the young teens of today? What's lacking in their lives that draw them towards SEX? Am I being paranoid? I remembered during my teenager years, my parents instilled into me about the virture of chastity. Teenagers of today are so different compared to my time, I see many of them in school uniforms hugging and kissing in public places like the MRTs, in the buses, cabs (better still more privacy besides Uncle Cabby ocassional glances through his rear view mirror) food courts, shopping centres and cinemas too.
I know most parents today are busy working hard and comng back very late leaving their kids in the hands of the maids or some even alone by themselves. Parents these days also give their children way too much freedom plus pocket allowances to replace their lack of time with their children, therefore resulting in them splurging on unnecessary stuffs and also going out too often. In the newspaper article I can't believe it , even when the parents are at home, these young teenagers also indulge in having unprotected sex right under the very nose of their parents. What's happening to our teens? How come the parents don't even know what their chidlren are doing in their own home? I believe these teens wanted to be branded as "cool" so that they will not be outcasted by their peers who have tried sex, but where's their dignity? Where is the value that should be imparted to the young teenagers, also our future generations of tomorrow! Parents of today are no longer able to control their teenagers for fear of pressuring them! This is very alarming and we need to help our teens to know the consequences of unprotected sex before jumping into bed with anyone! They seem to have lost the real value of having sex just like the song goes "Saves The Best For Last" Just my two cents worth of thoughts!


Anonymous said...

sharon, well said. So sad that S'pore teens these days are way too liberal! :(


Solo said...

Partly due to the shows from Jap, HK, Taiwan and Western ctries. Beside with internet, they can access to anyting and parents have no time to monitor.

fooDcrazEE said...

called us conservative.....but i still believe in instilling can wait

BoZo said...

Fully agree with you! These days teens and young adults do not have that morals anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

If they do that while young..guess when they grow older, they must have many sex partner......hmmmmm
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