Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sex Bracelets And The Meaning Of Colours

Sex bracelets are similar to those colourful rubber bands worn on the wrists. Most people who wear jelly bracelets do not consider them "sex bracelets". Sex bracelets are also commonly used by young school going kids, teenagers and adults too. Each colour code has a different meaning. So be extra careful before slipping on those colour Sex bracelets or you'll sending the wrong signal to others.

Meaning of Colours for Sex Bracelets
Red : French Kiss
Blue : Oral Sex
Green : Outdoor Sex
Yellow: Hugging
Orange: Kissing
Purple: Holding Hands
Black : Intercourse
White : Homosexual Kiss


Puspha said...

That looks really cool but I don't anyone wearing them here.

Solo said...

wow din know it has such meaning, tot the youngster wear it for fun....

joro said...

Wow, ha ha... Now that i know the meaning.. I tot purely for fun.. hee hee

Anonymous said...

grammer and spelling not found here

but i remember these and some chicks ask me the meaning and now i know