Saturday, October 27, 2007

The 5 Things............

I've been tagged by Debra with the following Meme... hmmm good to sit down and reflect what I've taken for granted the things around me and also what I would dream to have. Here's my list....

Five Things :
A. Found in my Room
1. Mini Hi Fi
2. TV
3. Prayer Altar
4. Massage Chair
5. Aromatherapy Oil Burner

B. I have always wanted to
1. Quit my job and still have money for retirement
2. Volunteer fulltime to do works of charity
3. Be Slim and not put on weight easily
4. Travel to Dubai to stay in the World's Best Hotel(Burj Al Arab)
5. Pilgrimage to Holy Land

C. Found in my Bag
1. Pocket Bible & prayer booklet
2. Rosary
3. Wallet
4. Mobile Phone
5. Cosmetic Pouch

E. I am currently into
1. Co-ordinating 1st Reconciliation for the 95 children in my church
2. Planning a class party for the year end closure of catechism class
3. Trying faithfully to go for my slimming sessions again
4. Embarking onto my new diet plan (RESET)
5. Planning to bake some interesting new recipes for Christmas

5 Candidates to Tag:
1. Annie
4. Ju

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ready, Steady.... RESET

Yipee.. I'll be embarking on my weight loss programme with RESET. I chanced upon RESET while reading my friend's blog and she had successfully managed to lose 2kg in just one week that is 5 days of the starter programme. Me being ambitious managed to get my colleague who's a member of USANA to buy me the RESET for 28 days programme at S$130. Hopefully, I'll be disciplined to complete and follow to the T the whole of this weight loss programme by just drinking the nutrimeal in three different flavours which are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.. thankfully they're all my favourites. Well, I'll be starting my diet plan on coming Monday to Friday and I hope to lose at least 1 - 1/2kgs for a start. Hmmm.. in the meantime I must enjoy all the yummies around me before I start my diet programme on Monday. Hee hee.. wish me all the luck and discipline.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Twitching Eyelid

For the past couple of days, I've been having this uncomfortable feeling on my left eye lid. My left eye lid had been twitching constantly and is still twiching now as I'm writing this blog, it's driving me CRAZY! I did read somewhere that eyelid twitching or muscle spasms around the eye could be due to fatigue or stress. A superstition belief about left eyelid twitching signifies that there be meeting with long lost acquaintances. Hmmmmm.... who huh? As for me, whenever I have this eyelid twitching on my left eyelid means I'll be spending money....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wear A Pink Ribbon

This year I contacted BCF and offered to help sell their pink ribbons pins. I took a total of 40 pink ribbon pins from them together with 2 pledge cards. Within one morning, my supportive colleagues readily forked out S$2.00 each to support raise breast cancer awareness. A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone who have supported this Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.
So wear the pink ribbon and raise breast cancer awareness. On top of that, during this month long campaign, if you're spotted wearing the pink ribbon, you could stand a chance to win attractive prizes! I believe we're not for the prizes but rather doing it for a good cause right?

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Unexpected

Thank You HK for this award though my blog is far from deserving this award, however I shall graciously accept it. Mine is a simple blog in which I share about my feelings and happenings around me. I'm far from my great fellow bloggers who have great recipes and nice photos of their cookings in their blogs. To all my wonderful readers THANK YOU for your patience in reading my blog.