Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wear A Pink Ribbon

This year I contacted BCF and offered to help sell their pink ribbons pins. I took a total of 40 pink ribbon pins from them together with 2 pledge cards. Within one morning, my supportive colleagues readily forked out S$2.00 each to support raise breast cancer awareness. A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone who have supported this Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.
So wear the pink ribbon and raise breast cancer awareness. On top of that, during this month long campaign, if you're spotted wearing the pink ribbon, you could stand a chance to win attractive prizes! I believe we're not for the prizes but rather doing it for a good cause right?


Solo said...

You are so wonderful!

ernest doe said...

congrats on your blog award!
and its good to see u support BCF

BoZo said...

Hello Annie, thank you and you're wonderful as well!

BoZo said...

Hi Ernest,
Thank you for your support reading my blog! It's my little way of doing charity by helping BCF.
Hope you can help out too in many other events that I'll be helping out.Interested?

ernest doe said...

good causes can use a little help now and then!