Saturday, October 27, 2007

The 5 Things............

I've been tagged by Debra with the following Meme... hmmm good to sit down and reflect what I've taken for granted the things around me and also what I would dream to have. Here's my list....

Five Things :
A. Found in my Room
1. Mini Hi Fi
2. TV
3. Prayer Altar
4. Massage Chair
5. Aromatherapy Oil Burner

B. I have always wanted to
1. Quit my job and still have money for retirement
2. Volunteer fulltime to do works of charity
3. Be Slim and not put on weight easily
4. Travel to Dubai to stay in the World's Best Hotel(Burj Al Arab)
5. Pilgrimage to Holy Land

C. Found in my Bag
1. Pocket Bible & prayer booklet
2. Rosary
3. Wallet
4. Mobile Phone
5. Cosmetic Pouch

E. I am currently into
1. Co-ordinating 1st Reconciliation for the 95 children in my church
2. Planning a class party for the year end closure of catechism class
3. Trying faithfully to go for my slimming sessions again
4. Embarking onto my new diet plan (RESET)
5. Planning to bake some interesting new recipes for Christmas

5 Candidates to Tag:
1. Annie
4. Ju


singairishgirl said...

Well done, my friend!

BoZo said...

Thanks Deb.

ernestdoe said...

interesting tags!
good for GTKY

BoZo said...

Hey Ernest, thanks! Oh by the way, whatever happened to your blog? Please email me your blog link okay thanks?

ernestdoe said...

phew... scared me... i thot it got erased.
u mean post it here, right? i don;t have your email address

been lazy lately...hehe

JU said...

Hi, I have done this in my blogged under the heading "Tagged by Sharon". :)

Take care!

ernest doe said...

Your song is L'amour est Bleu

BoZo said...

Thanks Ju, for participating in the Meme. :)

Yes, Ernest the music playing in the background is by Paul Mauriet & Orchestra L'amour est Bleu otherwise in English "Love Is Blue"

saif said...


if u want coming to Dubai, send me a line , i will take you to Burj al arab.

BoZo said...

Wow! Thanks saif. I'll keep you in mind.... my wishful thinking :)