Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meme - 5 True Facts About Me

Another Meme - 5 True Facts About me

Here goes;

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Mike aka FooDcrazEE

The 5 facts

1. I am FAT, can anyone help me to lose at least 1 kg? haha
2. I am YOUNG at heart.
3 .I am a NEAT freak, no messy stuffs around.
4. I cannot live without NOODLES, three meals a day all noodles, noodles, noodles.
5. I thank God for all the wonderful Blessings that I'm enjoying.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Remembrance

In the year 2006 15th Nov, I wrote about Sally my church friend who was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA.

This year January 17th 2008, Sally was called home to be with the Lord. The last time I met Sally was a couple of monts sometime in Novemebr in Church at the 7am mass. She looked very frail, her head covered with a scarf and a mask over her face. However, Sally was still as cheerful chatting with us after the mass and I knew deep inside she's fighting a brave fight against the cancer in her blood.

A deep great loss to all the friends who know Sally because she was one SELFLESS person who gave her time and life to people around her.

Sally, you finally suffered no more! Enjoy the beautiful resting place that the Lord has preapred for you.

Till we meet again in Heaven.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day To The Unloved

Today's the day where most couples will be having candlelit dinners and the ladies with bouquets of lovely flowers in their hands from their loving romantic Romeos. Not forgetting that the florists' cash registers will be cashing in lots of money from all the sales of these bouquests selling at exorbitant prices. Here's wishing a wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day not only for the lovebirds but especially for those who have no one to share their love with.