Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bipolar Disease

I'm currently reading this book In His Bright Light by Danielle Steel. This is the true and powerful story about the author's own son Nick Triana,who's suffering from Manic Depression or Bipolar disease which is potentially fatal. This book gives a real insight on Manic Depression or Bipolar disease of which suicide and accidents appear to be the greatest cause of death for manic-depressive. From the day that Nick was born, he was his mother's joy. He was a brilliant, charming child who NEVER slept. Nick rocketed through life like a shooting star. He spoke in full sentences at the age of one! His gift for writing was extraordinary, his musical talent promised a golden future. But by the time Nick entered junior high school, Danielle Steel saw her beloved son hurtling towards disaster and tried desperately to get Nick the help he needed - the opening salvoes of what would become a ferrocious, pitched battle for his life. In the end, perhaps nothing could have saved him from the insidious disease that had shadowed him from his earlies years. By nineteen, Nick was dead!

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