Sunday, March 12, 2006

Teddy Bank For A Good Cause

Assisi Home & Hospice is a registered charity that cares for more than 700 cancer-stricken live-in, home-care and day centre care patients. It also houses Assisi Children's Centre. Almost all of the children aged from 3 to 17 are fully subsidised and more than 90% of the adult patients are highly subsidised. Thus, they need all help possible to raise $4.6 million to cover their annual operating costs. The annual Assisi Home & Hospice's Teddy Bank drive is based on a mascot drawn by Johnathan Tan aged 9, who is also a luekaemia patient battling cancer. Assisi will be releasing 5,000 Teddy Banks on 25 March 2006. It is a custom-made bear shaped coin bank which was drawn by a little child, Johnathan Tan. Assisi Home & Hospice appeal for 5,000 wonderful families to take home a teddy bank each for a S$10 donation. The theme "Save as a family, Give with our hearts: S$1-a-day to Assisi Home & Hospice" is to encourage families and friends to do their bits for charity for a period of three months only! At the end of the three months period, the donations collection in the teddy bank will have to be returned to Assisi Home & Hospice to provide for the best palliative care possible for cancer patients, especially those in their terminal stages of their disease, and best of all we'll get to keep the teddy bank. S$1 is a small amount to some however S$1 in accumulation, will go a long way to help the terminally ill who need alot of money for their medical treatments bills. Anyone interested to take up a teddy bank can email the following personnel:- or
So Book a Teddy Bank now! Yes, I'm going to get mine soon!

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