Sunday, May 14, 2006

Respecting Mum

Here's a tribute to all wonderful mothers and especially to my wonderful Mummy dearest. A Mother is a great pillar of strength that gels the family together. She is willing to sacrifice her time for enjoyment to provide for the family like cooking delicious meals, baking mouth watering cakes and kuehs, cleaning the homes and doing never- ending house chores to provide the warmth and comfortable ambience for her family. A mother truly understands the needs of her family by listening to the woes and squabbles amongst the children and will always do her best to be the peacemaker. Especially during exams periods, she will always be around to brew nourishing herbs and drinks to help boost the energy for the tired minds to study and will also stays up late to keep ccompany while her aching body pines for the comfortable bed. A Mother is also the great mediator between the father and the children because she surely knows the way to melt the heart of the father to relent to the children's request though at times the request really seems impossible to be granted! Yes! That's the magic of a being a Mother!


Puspha said...

Great write up. Happy mother's day to u.

BoZo said...

Puspha, thanks and Happy Mothers' Day to you too. Hope you have a memorable day.