Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

Celebrated early Mum's birthday with close relations and Mum's specially invited friends.
Food were Nonya cuisine catered from Straits Chinese Restaurant...Mee Swa Tow, Satay Babi, Udang Goreng Assam, Ayam Kormah, Hee Peow Soup, Otah, Sambal timbun and most sought after Mummy's signature dish~Nonya Mee Siam and Kueh Ko Swee plus dessert Chendol.
Instead of the usual birthday cake, I order the Cheese Brownie from the Baker Story Shop....simply yummilicious.
With all of the above food and desserts, I really need to hit the gym again.

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Dr Lactur said...

wow! long time no see...
besides straits, are there any other v good nonya restaurants?