Monday, December 24, 2007

'Thank you for being my friend' award

Thank you to Debra & her Princess for awarding me with this award, THANK YOU to you both for being my cyber friends. I've actually received this award in early Dec but have simply forgotten to post it onto my blog due to my busy schedule. So here it is finally! Good things are meant to be shared and thus this award goes to my dear great friends, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND:-

2. Donna
3. Delphine
6. Hazel
7. HK
8. Judy
10. Nancy
11. Pauline
12. Tina


singairishgirl said...

Thank you, too, my wonderful friend.

ernest doe said...

me? thanks... you're very kind...

Anonymous said...

I feel very blessed hav found a wonderful frd & neighbour in u.. Hav a fantastic year ahead girl... :) Luv:Pauline