Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nyonya-Baba Natural Potpourri

I saw this on Arts Central last night and have been ever so excited to get my hands on all these ingredients. Being a pure Nonya myself, I didn't know of this Potpourri...oooh what a shame.. (betul betul malu sekali). Just wondering how to tell the auntie or uncle at the market vegetable stall what's basil leaf in local dialect or malay? Hmmmmm... anyone knows?

Here's the recipe for Nonya Baba
Natural Potpourri

Nyonya-Baba Natural Potpourri(lasts for about 2-3 days, prepare daily for fresh aroma)

Prep Time: about 15-30 minutes
Mortar & pestle
Mixing bowl

Pandan leaves
Basil leaves
Kaffir lime leavesLaksa leaves
Lemongrass (stalks with leaves preferred)
1 Mandarin orange
Star anise
* Ginger Torch (this is additional from me)
- Tear the pandan, basil, laksa and kaffir lime leaves by hand into small pieces
and crush to release fragrance.
- Cut the lemongrass stalk into pieces. Pound to release the aroma.
- Grate the mandarin orange peel and add to the mix.
- Finally add the star anise and toss.
** Recipe and Photo extracted from Bare Beauty


Hazel Goh said...

Hi friend

Dun be discouraged - do to your best and be faithfully for God will in his own time answer your prayer. Let pray for the Children.


BoZo said...

Thanks Hazel. So please pray and storm Heaven okay?

Ernestdoe said...

itz Daun Selaseh or Daun Kemangi

BoZo said...

Thanks Ernest,
Yipee..I can now look for the Daun Selaseh or Daun Kemangi in the market and do the Potpourri.