Monday, May 28, 2007

Shrek Ears For A Good Cause

These Shrek Ears are so cute and moreover for a good cause too! MacDonald is doing their part for charity where the 100% of the sales of each S$2.00 Shrek ears will be contributed to Ronald McDonald Chidlren's Charity(RMCC). I bought 2 of these Shrek ears for my little nephews, Daniel aged 3 plus and Martin aged 1 plus. I explained to Daniel the purpose of wearing the Shrek ears. He nodded his head and looked very cute indeed with his Shrek ears and I even made him wore it while we were out. I'm so glad to hear that some of my online friends have also bought the Shrek ears for their child and even the adults are wearing them too. Let's all do our part for charity especially for the little sick children at a minimal cost of a bowl of noodles.
Photo courtesy by Joshua.


ernest doe said...

wow, cool.
Shrek rules!

BoZo said...

Yeah, I love Shrek he's one of my favourite. Shrek rules!