Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Disheartening News

Today I took leave from work to have a quiet time being Daddy's death anniversay exactly 20 years. Went to morning mass as usual in my parish and met up with couple of friends for breakfast. During our breakfast conversation, learnt that Sally our friend who's an active member in our church doing the flowers arrangements for the altars and also with St Vincent De Paul Society helping the less fortunae, was admitted in hospital suffering from anemia. Friends who met her in church last weekend mentioned that her face was so pale, as white as paper. In the afternoon, while having lunch I received an sms requesting prayers for Sally that she has been diagnosed with LEUKEMIA! At that moment, I was speechless and kept asking God why must it be Sally, one who is so humble and down to earth. Life is so unpredictable, we never know what's in store for us! Like Sally, she has everything that God has blessed with, a comfortable life, a wonderful family with husband and children. I believe Sally is a strong woman with unwavering faith and I only have to pray for Sally that God will do what's best for her.


Haz said...

I once faced this unexpected grief and ask "why" me? After reading, I just felf a sudden lost and great pain. I truly would like to join you in prayer for her in this difficult time of hers.Haz

BoZo said...

Thanks Hazel, for your kinds thoughts and please do keep my friend Sally in your prayers.

ernestdoe said...

Hope your fren is ok
About your recipe:
did it once and it turned out okay,
but I hope to do it again soon, so if 2nd time round nice again,
will keep u posted :)

BoZo said...

Hi ernestdoe, my friend is undergoing the chemo which started on Monday. She's doing well and we're all praying for her. I'm so happy that you've tried the cream puffs recipe... yeah! Oh please do keep me updated, looking forward to hear from you...hee hee ;)

joro said...

It was indeed a disheartening news! Hope she would recover soon..

BoZo said...

Joro, thank you for your kind concern, please do remember her in your prayers. ;)