Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kueh Ko Swee

This is the long awaited recipe from my mum that everyone's been asking for! So now here you have it and do try your hands at them:-

Ingredients Needed
1. Tapioca/Starch flour 280 gm
2. Plain flour 280 gm (wet)
3. Sugar 228 gm
4. Gula Melaka 450 gm
5. Lye water (alkaline) 2 teaspoonfuls

6. Water 560 gm and 450 gm
7. Pandan leaves 3 to 4 blades
8. Grated coconut (without skin) 200 grams

1. Mix and boil the water(560 gm), sugar, gula melaka and pandan leaves until they melt.
2. Sieve the mixture when cool.
3. Mix the tapioca/starch flour and plain flour with water(450 gm) and combine the mixture from

Step 1, before finally adding in lye water and stiring thoroughly.
4. Pour the final mixture into moulds and steam for 15 min.
5. Allow mixture to cool and solidify.
Remove the kueh from the mould and coat with grated coconut to serve. Sedap sekali yah?


Tazz said...

Already chuli this recipe. Thanks!

Lazyg3r said...

Thank you very much, Sharon!!! This is absolutely delicious!!!

BoZo said...

Eve,you're fast haha! So future gatherings you'll be the one making this kueh ko swee for us! ;)

Judy, do give it a try yah!

Puspha said...

Thanx for sharing the recipe.

BoZo said...

Hi Pus, you're welcome and I do hope you give it a try and let me know who it turns out?

Solo said...

wow, i wana try when i am back! but can tell me wht is Lye water? where can get?

Anonymous said...

tried yr recipie.tastes really good!:)

BoZo said...

Hi Anonymous,
I'm so happy that you like the Kueh Ko Swee. It's my great pleasure to share the recipe with you:)

stoviglievolanti said...

woow I'm so happy this one is my favourite of all indonesian kueh kueh!! Thank you for sharing it!!
Great job!

BoZo said...

Hi stoviglievolanti,
I do hope you give the recipe a try, hmmmm to my knowledge it's a Peranakan kueh. Let me know of your success in the recipe.
Happy experimenting.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the recipes and one of my favourite kueh kueh. Want to check with you on the ingredients - plain flour 280gm (wet) what do you mean by that?