Monday, June 19, 2006

Meme On Ten Things I Miss Of Mum's Cooking

Thanks Evelyn, for inviting me to do this Meme on 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking.
My mummy is a typical Peranankan Nonya who can cooks for big crowds like birthday parties or even weddings lunches! I can never be compared to my mum in term of her cooking skills! Hmmm.. here's ten of my favourites from mum's cusines:-

1. Nonya Mee Siam with gravy ~ the taste of the gravy with a tinge of sourish and sweetness

2. Nonya Laksa ~ lots of fresh coconut milk for the gravy with finely shredded cucumbers and fish cakes, prawns, bean sprouts and the must have "daun kesom"or laksa leaves and mum's homemade chillies sambal that set tongue burning together with head and face sweating with large drops of perspirations.... hot hot hot!

3. Eggskin Popiah ~ mum's homemade popiah skin using the flour and egg batter, the egg skin always turn out soft and tender but never tears even after rolling up with fillings.

4. Chilly Crabs ~ Oooh my uncle would buy the crabs and mum will be cooking like 2 big casseroles with lots of egg in the gravy to dip with "mantou" or crispy crusted french loaves and we'll declare a chilly crab party without any other food!

5. Ayam Buak Keluak ~ the unusal black hard nut shells from Indonesia, the black fillings inside the nutshell dug out to mix with minced prawns or pork and then stuffed back into the shell and cooked with chicken meat and the verdict: Sedap Sekali!

6. Kueh Koh Swee ~ gula melaka batter steamed and coated with grated coconuts... mum made hers all in even sizes using the chinese praying teacups and they really do looked so cute!

7. Fried Egg Omelette Oyster ~ egg and flour batter with alittle starch fried together with lots of eggs, prawns, chuncky oysters and mum's very own homemade sambal paste and then sprinkled with corriander leaves for that extra fragrance

8. Mee Goreng ~ yellow noodles fried with sambal chilles paste with lots of bean sprouts, beaten eggs, sliced fish cakes and prawns. Best eaten when hot really shiokadoo doo!

9. Apom Balik ~ coconut batter pancake with a dash of colouring in pink, blue or lime green for each individual pancake, dipped into durian or banana "pengat" (dessert made with gula melaka with sago, water and coconut milk put to the boil) or santan perkat(thicken coconut paste with a dash of salt)

10. Papaya Titek ~ a refreshing seafood stew made with sweet papaya chunks and salted fish together with the prawn stock, 'buah keras' or candle nut and belachan add to the richness of the broth, best enjoyed with steaming hot white rice and sambal belachan with that extra "oomfgh"

Wow, as I was listing all of my favourites food here, I'm was also salivating....... drool.. drool... drool... Hmmmmm.. I'm defintely going to give mum a call after this to tell her to cook one of these over the weekend! As for passing the baton, I shall forward to
Judy ~ My Lazy Lifestyle and Annie~ Something About Solo

Reasons for choosing Judy because she's a good cook probably inherited from her mum and Annie because Annie's mum is a great cook too.


Tazz said...

Sharon, I envy those who can write so well like you. Your description of the various food really made the readers envisage the food right in front of them. Haha... Tazz can't do that. *cleaning the drool on my keyboard*

Oh yes, before I forget, get the recipes from your mum and share with us, in your blog, please!!!!!! ;)

joro said...

Oh yes, jie jie.. I really miss your mummy's cooking too... esp her Mee Siam and Ayam Buak Keluak.. Yum Yum

Precious Moments said...

i am already thinking about the mee siam liao. naughty you to tempt us so soon.

yes i agree, have your mom's recipes posted here. I am sure lots of us will appreciate it greatly.

ernestdoe said...

love mee siam, ayam buah keluak,popiah and oyster egg.
Donno about Papaya titek, but tauhu titek is nice.

BoZo said...

Evelyn, thanks to you once again for having invited me to do the Meme On Ten Things I Miss Of Mum's Cooking. It even made me appreciate mum more besides her cooking! ;)

Edith & Evelyn, recipes from my mummy are most based on her "agarkration". Will try to jot it down one of these days and post it in my blog but give me time okay?

Joro, haha you still remember my mummy's Mee Siam and Ayam Buak Keluak.. hee hee CNY still open house

ernestdoe, are you a Perananak Baba too? Wow.. you seem to know most of the Peranakan dishes..Want to have a taste of the mee siam???

Puspha said...

Super delicious list!!! Will u b blogging on all these? hehehe